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Principles of Environmental Protection at Continental

At Continental, responsibility for protecting the environment is set down as a mandatory obligation in the BASICS and has been specified as an objective in the corporation's ESH (Environment, Safety, Health) policy. Our strategy for protecting the environment is based worldwide on six principles:

  1. We practice responsible management of our natural resources.
  2. Environmentally friendly products are the basis of our economic success in the long term.
  3. We already take into account the ecological effects of the entire product life cycle when developing our products.
  4. We continuously and systematically work to improve our products and manufacturing processes.
  5. All employees at Continental feel a commitment towards environmental protection.
  6. Our environment policy takes into account the demands of our customers, our employees, our shareholders, our stakeholders, our suppliers, and those actively participating in the social arena where we are based.

Further information on the topic: Continental Corporate Guidelines