Product Responsibility

Product responsibility extends over a product’s entire life cycle. This begins with the raw materials used and covers the development, production, use, and recycling of the product.

Continental takes on the development and production according to the best possible standards to minimize the impact on health and the environment, while the customers ensure that products are used for their designated purpose.

Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system, which is in place at all of our sites worldwide and is subject to regular recertification, contains detailed specifications regarding product safety and quality. After all, it is the basis on which we fulfill the diverse range of demands placed on us by the manufacturer primarily in the area of product responsibility. This includes minimizing the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Thanks to our products and technology, we not only enable this to happen, but also constantly seek new ways to bring about further optimization. As a result, we make a valuable contribution to sustainable mobility. We consider the creation of products that significantly improve road safety to be yet another major benefit of our work to society, one that we pursue – like environmental protection – in our research and development.

When using raw materials, we endeavor to utilize natural resources in a conscientious manner; our now 14 product life cycle assessments (11 in the Rubber Group, 3 in the Automotive Group) provide important information here.

Further information on the topic: Life Cycle Assessments