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Development and Qualification

Our employees make Continental strong. We expect commitment, determination, and loyalty. In return, we promote qualifications, as well as education and training as a matter of course.

In our programs for specific HR development, we take into account the different development levels of the individual employees. New employees with university degrees are welcomed at the Corporate Entry Conference, where they are given information about strategy, processes, and structures at Continental. In addition, through our Corporate Entry Program these new employees get to know the company at a national or local level, form networks, and are given the capacity for self-direction. With our HR development center, we also offer employees guidance in positioning themselves. At national or regional level, junior managers undertake successful measures as part of the Leadership Entry Program and the International Management Program that prepare them to solve complex problems and strengthen their management skills. Managers at a global level are equipped with additional leadership skills in the Corporate Executive Development Program. New senior executives are offered a customized development program in the form of the New Senior Executive Workshops.

Every three years, our managers generally go through a 360-degree feedback process, called BIG SIX Radar, which shows strengths and development measures according to our desired managerial skills and corporate values. This analysis, based on global standards, is in turn used for individual development planning for each individual manager.

Colleagues, internal customers, and supervisors give the employee feedback on our success factors in HR development, called the BIG SIX: vision, entrepreneurship, execution, drive, learning, and interaction. The employee must also assess his/her own capabilities. The BIG SIX Radar helps to identify strengths and development potential.

For our production employees, we offer specific and local training and further education programs worldwide that are designed to improve own qualification as well as product quality and occupational safety.