Targeted global talent management

Strategic talent management at a global level plays a crucial role at Continental. The objective of global talent management is to ensure that at all times we have the right people in positions that are vital to our success in a global context.

We create an environment and open up possibilities that encourage targeted, systematic learning and growing. Talented employees are given plenty of scope to develop their potential in order to prepare them optimally for a wide range of challenges. Accompanying training and individual measures, such as coaching, mentoring, and targeted lateral career moves or foreign assignments, are geared towards the employee’s individual development requirements and the needs of the business.

To promote intercultural exchange and know-how interchange and to gain a supraregional perspective on our international business, we offer our employees an assignment program, among other measures. Asia is still leading the field regionally, with just under 40% of participants working there. An international mindset, experience of other cultures, and the mobility of our employees is playing a growing role in light of the advancing internationalization of Continental.

A global and proactive talent management approach aims to ensure that talented employees are given the same opportunities regardless of the division they belong to and the region they come from.