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Appropriate performance-based remuneration and value sharing for all employees

With regard to remuneration, we apply the principle of good pay in line with the market for good performance. In this context, variable remuneration components play an increasingly important role – and not just for the top management. Our goal is to reconcile Continental’s value creation and success with appropriate performance-based remuneration.

We therefore offer our employees attractive remuneration systems:

  • Middle and top management throughout the corporation shares in the company’s profits by means of annual variable remuneration. The variable component of the salary is based on a scale structure and increases in accordance with the person’s ranking. The bonuses are determined by three parameters: 1. the value created year-on-year for the relevant business unit, 2. the return on capital employed, and 3. the attainment of individual goals. In addition, the Executive Board sets a strategic corporate goal for executives.

  • There is also an annual consolidated value sharing program for all employees. The company is distributing a record sum of approximately €150 million to its employees for fiscal 2015. The corresponding sum last year was around €130 million.