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Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health has a high priority at Continental. Our aim is to have no incidents in the corporation – "we go for zero incidents."

Our "Corporate Safety & Health" department (SH) formulates protection targets, which form the basis for safe working and safe production lines and processes.

Our integrated protection concept aims to prevent incidents of any kind. For health protection, this means preventing work-related illnesses; for occupational safety, it means preventing accidents; and for corporate protection, it means uninterrupted operations.

With this "we go for zero incidents" philosophy, we are consistently following the right path, integrating management and employees into our culture of safety. Through internal and external audits, certification, and special safety programs, the safety standards at our production sites are continually improving. With our health service, we want to use a variety of programs to help our employees have the capacity and individual responsibility to take care of their physical and mental health, but we also want to provide support in cases of need.

The generally applicable standards for workplace health management (BGM) are set out in our "Guidelines for Workplace Health Management." The respective managers are responsible for health care at the sites and must fulfill the relevant national regulations, such as for preventative occupational medical care. Some programs we run around the world (e.g. flu vaccinations), and some only regionally (e.g. bowel cancer screening).