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Our corporate culture is based on our four values: Trust, Passion To Win, Freedom To Act, and For One Another. These underpin the way in which we interact with our customers and partners, work with one another within our organization, lead our employees, and resolve conflicts of interest. We are convinced that values create value. Continuous development of our corporate culture is therefore a vital part of ensuring our future viability.

In this context, our employee survey “OUR BASICS live,” in which more than 140,000 employees worldwide participated in the year under review, is particularly important. It proves that our corporate values are being put into practice. "OUR BASICS live” is the name of the global survey of all Continental employees, available in 35 languages. The participants assess their overall satisfaction, the management quality within the company, and express their opinion of Continental.


For us, the survey is an important tool for improving corporate culture and cooperation within the corporation. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Around 80% of those surveyed – that is roughly ten percentage points more than in the previous survey – are proud to work for Continental. 85% stated that they fully support the four corporate values. However, they would also like to see these values implemented even better day to day. The value of Trust was considered to be particularly important, followed by Passion To Win, Freedom To Act, and For One Another. Those surveyed also see room for improvement with regards to continuing to develop the management culture and in the area of equal opportunities and diversity.