Communication via ConNext – networking without hierarchies

We have laid an important foundation to enable us to communicate faster, more directly, and across different regions with the introduction of the ConNext business network.

After just a few months, more than half of all employees with a computer workstation had registered themselves. Each week, around 25,000 employees are actively involved in the dynamic exchange of knowledge and information and in establishing and updating knowledge databases. The “social” functions have seen frequent use in traditional project management, too. This new culture of collaboration (sharing knowledge and information) is being practiced in more than 4,000 communities (some with several thousand members) and in over eight languages. The contents of the different Wikis have already been called up around 500,000 times. Self-commitment of the Executive Board members also includes active participation with their own blogs and status reports through to direct dialog with employees.

A global, cross-hierarchical network of over 400 “social media GUIDEs” helps colleagues to get started with the new forms of communication, including how to use them correctly and optimally. The GUIDEs develop procedures that are adapted to the specific regions and cultures and implement these through their own personal example and their own improvement projects as well as with presentations and training courses.