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Continental Ideas Management

What began back in 1930 as an improvement suggestion system has now developed into Continental Ideas Management (CIM). "Continental Ideas Management" encourages and calls for the commitment and motivation of our employees and gives them a proactive role in improving their own working environment. Their commitment is rewarded with bonuses and special campaigns. Human Relations therefore sees idea management as being at the heart of the learning organization. To further increase the success of idea management, we are working on a new efficient system that is expected to be introduced in 2016. In 2015 alone, more than 470,000 ideas were submitted.

Many small improvements make a big impact overall. The improvements implemented in 2015 led to savings of more than €124 million. Our CIM thus makes a significant contribution to increasing our corporation’s competitiveness while also attesting to the extremely high level of dedication and individual motivation of our employees. As such, Ideas Management is an example of putting management and value culture into practice at Continental and shows the employees’ strong sense of identification with the company.

Document about this topic: Continental Idea Management Guideline