Workforce Diversity

We understand diversity as meaning variety among people with regard to aspects such as their ethnic and social origins and their religion, gender, and age. It is an important source of staff development, creativity, and corporate success, and we therefore give it high priority. Diversity is a key factor in our HR management. Around the world, people of different origins work at Continental, using their different ways of looking at things to contribute to finding creative solutions and winning over new markets and customers.

We focus on achieving a good mix of male and female employees as well as an increased mixture of diverse nationalities.

  • Gender mix: The global proportion of female managers at Continental amounts to 9 %. In order to improve that mix, we are striving to attain a 16 % share of female executives by 2020. Here, it is not a question of fulfilling a quota for women, but of creating a broad understanding of the economic and cultural advantages of having an improved gender representation. It is about securing young talented staff for future years, getting better product solutions, and last but not least, safeguarding our economic success. Worldwide communication and training programs, as well as the adjustment of our internal processes and principles, will ultimately benefit both female and male employees.

  • Internationality: Around 70 % of our employees work outside Germany. Internationality is therefore established practice already. At our global locations, we fulfill regional requirements for HR management as well as the corporation’s strategic requirements, so as to ensure that we are attractive as a top employer for the best employees. Furthermore, internationality also arises from the various nationalities of employees working together at individual locations. Here, too, we promote diversity. An important aim is to create a balanced relationship between local and international managers in order to strengthen both the market requirements and global understanding. The proportion of local and international managers fluctuates according to market maturity. The total proportion of international managers in the corporation is 43 %.

It is not only internally that Continental fulfills its global obligation with regard to diversity. The company also shows its commitment to this topic to the outside world. For example, we emphasized this when we signed the “Diversity Charter”, an initiative supported by many companies, in Germany in December 2008. This initiative aims to promote the acceptance, appreciation, and integration of diversity within the company and is officially supported by the German Chancellor. In countries with high growth potential, such as China, the proportion of women has already increased particularly substantially as a result of a targeted recruitment policy.

Document about this topic: Diversity Charter