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Supplier Management

By means of a Code of Conduct, Continental spells out environmental, social, and legal requirements for its suppliers – who commit themselves to observing these requirements.

Continental maintains a network of around 4,600 suppliers for production materials (around 2,800 in the Automotive Group and around 1,800 in the Rubber Group). We purchased 65 percent of production materials from companies headquartered in states belonging to the Organsiation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), where human rights violations are not expected to occur.

Continental regularly requests valid environment certificates from the large majority of suppliers with which it already has contracts. Around 85 percent of the suppliers in the Automotive Group and 73 percent of the suppliers in the Rubber Group had an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001. 

Supplier assessments are conducted by means of a questionnaire prior to placement of an order with a new supplier. The assessment focuses on aspects such as energy consumption, packaging, workplace hygiene, safety data sheets, environmental certification, and contingency management in the plant. We also encourage our suppliers to obtain similar data from their (upstream) suppliers.

Since 2011, Continental has obligated all of its suppliers and service providers to uphold Continental's "Supplier Code of Conduct." This encompasses ten points, including respect for human rights, anti-corruption, product safety, health and environmental protection, and data protection. Our suppliers promise to observe these principles.

Supplier Code of Conduct