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Organization and Management

Our corporate guidelines, the Code of Conduct, and the
CSR Principles form the basis of our sustainability management.

In line with the law and the Articles of Incorporation, the company's executive bodies are the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board, and the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. As a German stock corporation, Continental AG has a dual management system characterized by a strict separation of the individuals seated on the Executive Board, as the management body, and those seated on the Supervisory Board, as the monitoring body.

A Corporate Sustainability Council comprising representatives of all relevant corporate functions was founded at the end of 2010 to manage sustainability and corporate responsibility. The council is chaired by the Executive Board member for Human Resources. The Sustainability Council convenes regularly four times a year and on relevant occasions.

The most important documents at corporation level are:

  • Corporate guidelines. The Basics describe our vision, our mission, and our four values, as well as the behavior that grows out of these.

  • Code of Conduct. Continental's Code of Conduct defines ethical standards and requirements concerning employee behavior. This was completely revised in 2012 and a new version was released in September 2012.

  • Principles of our Corporate Social Responsibility. The Executive Board adopted the "Principles of Our Corporate Social Responsibility" in June 2008. They enuciate ten points that define the fundamental values and principles of our voluntary activities.

  • Corporate Governance Principles. The Corporate Governance Principles describe the company's managerial and supervisory tasks and processes in detail. They are based on applicable legal provisions, the German Corporate Governance Code, and the corporate guidelines. 

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