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Stakeholder Dialog

Our stakeholders are our customers, shareholders and employees, the community, our partners, and our suppliers. We treat everyone with honesty and fairness.

Our shareholders and employees are at the center of our stakeholder engagement. Continental also maintains ongoing dialog with customers (development partnerships) as well as scientists (research projects).

The corporation's locations interact with society through a wide range of activities all around the world. A topic that will affect our business activities in many areas of society is automated driving. Continental has created the platform in connection with this in order to advance the social discussion in this area. Experts and consumers thus have the chance to form and convey an opinion on the technical, legal, and social aspects of the mobility of the future.

In order to respond as effectively as possible in its role as employer to the needs of future junior employees, Continental regularly surveys graduates – the annual surveys were introduced in Germany back in 2004. But we perform regular surveys in countries such as Romania and China as well.

It is just as important to us that we get even better at listening to our employees and seeking to initiate a dialog with you. OUR BASICS live” is the name of the global survey of all Continental employees. The participants assess their overall satisfaction, the management quality within the company, and express their opinion of Continental. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Confidentiality and anonymity are ensured throughout. Following a pilot project in 2004, the survey is conducted every two to three years.

In addition, Continental regularly conducts vehicle user surveys covering aspects such as driving behavior, hybrid technology, and road traffic safety. Car drivers in China, Germany, France, Japan, and the U.S.A. were surveyed for the “Continental Mobility Study 2015” in 2014. Experts from science and the automotive industry were also interviewed. The focus was on mobility topics that particularly concern people worldwide: urbanization, safety, automated driving, connectivity, limited energy resources and costs.

Continental is, moreover, actively involved in various networks and associations.

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