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Sustainability Reports

This online CSR report gives an overview of the corporate social responsibility targets, strategies and activities of Continental AG. Continental aims to continue sustainability reporting in future. Step-by-step, we want to ensure that the reporting principles and indicators are increasingly applied with the aim of providing more extensive information.

Here you can download the GRI Reports 2011-2014 and the current Susatinability Reports.

Scope of the report and data recording methods

In this report, the economic dimensions and the figures and facts on matters concerning the environment and personnel are based primarily on the information given in the Continental Annual Report 2015 . In the text and diagrams of the report, it is clearly specified whether the data or activities described relate to the entire corporation or to just a certain area of the corporation.


We have taken great care in collecting and processing the data contained in this report. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that there are no errors. Statements concerning future developments that are contained in this report are based on the information available today and on assumptions drawn from current forecasts. Even if these forecasts have been meticulously made, there is still a wide range of influencing factors that cannot be predicted now and that can lead to deviations. Therefore, any forecasts in this report are not to be taken as guaranteed.

The contents of the report have been checked and approved by the staff responsible for the relevant areas. An examination of the contents by an external body was not done. Instead, external consultants were involved in the drafting and compiling of the report.

Editorial deadline for this report: September 2016