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Distinction for Philippine Calamba Plant

Philippines, March 2011. With the PEP Award, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, PEZA) each year honors special achievements in the fields of sustainable environmental compatibility and innovative systems for the continuous improvement of environment management systems. Potential winners of this PEP Award are all company branches and project developers with operations in the PEZA zone. The goal of the award is to motivate companies to set up environmental management systems in their institutions, to comply with environmental regulations and to assume social responsibility, as well as to nurture the partnership between the public and industrial sectors with regards to sustainable economic growth.

At the end of March 2011, the Calamba plant was awarded the “PEZA Environmental Performance Award” (Category IA, Large companies - Semiconductor and Electronics) for its exemplary achievements in the field of environmental management. To strengthen the environmental protection management and development, the plant had introduced a program entitled “Plant Calamba C.A.R.E.S. CTEPI Active in Restoring Earth’s Surroundings”. Here, five core values were defined as a continuous guideline for all processes and activities: communication, teamwork and motivation, excellence and discipline, personal responsibility and integrity.