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Promoting Young MINT Talent

Academics with MINT qualifications (mathematics, IT, natural sciences, technology) are in high demand as technology experts in German companies. Continental targets young MINT talent in its recruitment. We are working on more than 150 activities at around 45 locations. These range from events for pupils (plant tours, "taster" internships) to support for school lessons and teacher training, as well as seminars, scholarships, and doctoral funding for students.

In addition, since 2010 Continental has been a member of the Knowledge Factory (Wissensfabrik), a pool of more than 90 companies and foundations with the goal of promoting education at pre-school and elementary-school level in Germany.

Further information on the Knowledge Factory Germany.

Another measure for promoting young talent in the field of natural sciences is the "IGELab," an experimental chemistry laboratory for pupils at integrated comprehensive schools, which was opened in 2006. The project was developed in cooperation with the Hanover-Vahrenheide Integrated Comprehensive School. It employs simple experiments to give young researchers an idea of industrial chemistry.

The "IGELab" is open to pupils at all schools in Greater Hanover.

Further information on the IGELab project.