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Neighborhood Help Schemes (Brazil)

The employees at Continental's Varzea Paulista plant in Brazil have been successfully providing active neighborhood help schemes for over ten years now. They have initiated and promoted numerous social projects for the citizens of their city and region.

Their activities include providing support for the work of the city's social security office by donating furniture to local establishments, providing venues for charity events, and collecting donations and toys for the annual "Children's Day."

In addition, the employees organize events, such as a benefit soccer match with former Brazilian soccer stars, to provide food for those in need in the region.

Providing education and support for children and young people is a matter of particular importance to the employees. That is why they supported "First Teenager's Home," an urban project that provides career-related sports and music opportunities to children and young people between the ages of 10 and 19. Furthermore, they organized the "Formare School – A School for Life" program, which offers technical knowledge.