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Application process

Take your time for your application, it can take up to 20 minutes completing it. Carefully read through it and fill in all required information.

Once you have sent your application, you are of course anxious to receive our reply. However, after receiving the automatic notification that your application has been received, please be patient. In making our selection, we exercise just as much care as you do in formulating your application.

Of course you will receive an automatic confirmation that your application has been received within several minutes. If you are nonetheless uncertain whether your application has indeed been transmitted or if questions arise in the meantime about the current status of your application, you can always contact us at .

To give you an idea how the application process runs as a rule, here is a brief overview:

  • You send your application
  • The Human Resources department / Recruiting Center checks your application
  • The HR department / Recruiting Center makes a preliminary selection based upon the applications
  • As a suitable candidate, you are contacted by the Recruiting Center
  • You are invited to a phone interview or an interview in person
  • The respective department and HR department make a final decision
  • The contract is made with you
  • You start work


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