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Hints for an online application

Do you have any questions about your application? We can help you! Learn from experienced HR Managers the right strategy and manage the application process successfully.

Your application is more than a business card, it is a portrait of your personality and our first impression of you which you can make only once. Therefore, take your time and prepare your application carefully and be sure it is complete.

Firstly, we recommend you to fill out our online application form - it is clearly structured. Use it to introduce yourself briefly. Secondly, add your complete set of documents as an attachment to the online application form (PDF or MS Office). The maximum size of the file: 2 MB.

Our application form includes:

Cover Letter

The aim of the cover letter is to explain briefly why you are the right person for our company. Describe briefly who you are, where and how you acquired your knowledge and skills and why you are interested in our company. The cover letter follows a simple structure.

  1. Subject line with job title and source
  2. Salutation
  3. Some sentences about yourself: who you are, why and for which postion you are applying for
  4. Highlight your professional and personal qualifications
  5. The earliest possible starting date
  6. Final sentence
  7. Signature

Do not forget your address with telephone number for further questions.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The CV is the highlight of your application and contains in tabular form, key information and arguments. Try to attract the reader's attention and underline your strengths. The CV should include the following information:

  1. Personal data: name, address and phone number, email
  2. School education: schools and graduations with GPA
  3. Information about military or civilian service
  4. Apprenticeship: company, working areas and periods
  5. University education: studies, majors, thesis topic, GPA
  6. Occupation: career steps, companies, working areas and periods
  7. Internships: companies, working areas and periods
  8. Further education
  9. Additional Information: stays abroad, non-university activities, etc
  10. Special skills: foreign languages, computer skills, additional qualifications, etc.
  11. Hobbies and interests
  12. Date, place and signature

Please do not forget to mention your hobbies and interests. This will help, you create a complete picture of your personality.

Diplomas and Certificates

Your attchments should include all diplomas and certificates which can prove your CV:

  • School certificates (particularly the highschool diploma)
  • University diplomas
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Professional documents
  • Documents for studying abroad
  • Documents of additional qualifications

Please pay attention to the quality of the scanned documents.

If you are not able to attach all documents, you can refer to send missing documents on request or to bring them to the interview.


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