Why online assessment as part of the recruiting process?

Online assessments are a reliable and valid way of understanding a candidate’s fit to Continental. The assessments are a fair method to standardize our selection process. Our online assessments are designed to predict future performance and success of  candidates at Continental.

What kind of online assessment is Continental using?

Continental is using two different online assessments. Depending on the job you are applying for there might be one or two assessments to be answered: our Continental Online Assessment 1 (NRT/LRT) assessing cognitive abilities (including numerical and logical reasoning) and our Continental Online Assessment 2 (CoMo) assessing conscientiousness and motivation. In the first assessment you will find questions with regard to numerical reasoning that are focusing on a candidate’s ability to deal with numbers accurately. In addition you will find questions in the area of logical reasoning where it is important to look at logical consequences or conclusions of certain preconditions. In the second assessment you will find questions about your preferred working style and other job related preferences.

Is there a time limit for answering questions?

No, there is no time limit for answering the questions within the online assessments. You can therefore invest as much time as you need. From our experience it pays off that you work at your own speed. Please note that we will not evaluate the amount of time you needed to complete the online assessments.

How much time do I have to take for the online assessment?

There is no time limit for answering the questions within the online assessments. Nevertheless we can say that candidates typically need 30 minutes to complete the Continental Online Assessment 1 (NRT/LRT) and 10 minutes to complete the Continental Online Assessment 2 (CoMo). Time is not evaluated, we only look at the results of the assessments.

Can I take a short break between the online assessments?

You can take a short break between the Continental Online Assessment 1 (NRT/LRT) and Continental Online Assessment 2 (CoMo), if you are required to take both assessments. Within the Online Assessment 1 (NRT/LRT) you may also take a short break (less than 20 minutes) between the numerical reasoning part and the logical reasoning part. Nevertheless we advise you to conduct all assessment parts at once.

How many questions do I have to answer?

The Continental Online Assessment 1 (NRT/LRT) is using a computer adaptive testing technology. This means the questions are uniquely tailored to the candidate’s abilities. Therefore the number of questions may vary. The Continental Online Assessment 2 (CoMo) consists of 39 questions.

Why do I have to take a numerical and logical reasoning assessment?

These assessments are designed to measure one's ability to correctly interpret numerical and logical information and use it to solve problems and make decisions. This ability is needed throughout a variety of jobs within Continental. Regardless of the position it is beneficial to effectively identify critical work-related issues and draw conclusions from numerical data and logical results.

What if I am unable to conduct the assessments due to additional needs?

Please contact us per e-mail so that we can find a solution to support you through your application process. Choose the e-mail address of the country you apply in.
- Germany and Romania: personal@conti.de
- United States: naftarecruiting@continental-corporation.com
- Singapore: automotive.sg@continental-corporation.com
- China: chinacareers@continental-corporation.com
- France: francerecrutement@continental-corporation.com
- Mexico: contacto@continental-corporation.com

What happens during the online assessments if the Internet connection is broken?

If the interruption lasts only a few moments, you can resume the assessment. If this is not working, you may have to close the window, wait about 30 minutes due to technical reasons and then click again on the assessment link in order to resume the assessment. You will start again from where you had left.

What if I face technical problems?

Please contact us via AssessSupport@us.ibm.com and our partner will be happy to help you with any inconvenience that might arise.

Which Internet browsers and operating systems can I use to take the Continental Online Assessments?

Please ensure you use one of the supported browsers listed below. Tablets and smartphones are also supported, although we recommend you to use a computer.
- Google Chrome: Version 22 to 30.0.1599.68 and version 31.0.1650.63 and higher (all operating systems)
- Firefox: Version 16 and higher (all operating systems)
- Internet Explorer: Version 11 and higher (Windows)
- Safari: Version 6.0.2 and higher (iOS, Mac OS X)
- Mobile Safari: Version 6.0.2 and higher (iOS, Mac OS X)


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