How does a trainee program differ from a direct entry?

A trainee program not only prepares you for your future role and area of business but moves you through a variety of different areas to get a holistic view. This provides you with a broad range of skills and knowledge, and provides a solid foundation on which to build up your own personal network.

My field of study is not listed in the program description, can I still apply?

Yes, because trainee programs represent wide areas and we are looking for applicants with diverse educational backgrounds.

Can I apply for a trainee program in a country where I am not a resident?

The trainee programs are open to all, but some require knowledge of the local language or native fluency. Trainees are placed and employed under a local contract in the recruiting country.

When I apply for a specific program that is offered in different locations, can I apply for more than one location?

When the program is organized at various locations within one country, then you can state your location flexibility or inflexibility in your motivation letter and one application will do. In some cases, different positions within one trainee program are linked to only one location that cannot be changed.

Is there a minimum age requirement for applications?

The trainee programs are set up for recent graduates with initial experience of internships, who are finalizing or have just finished a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD thesis.

Can I also send an unsolicited application?

We would recommend that you choose the program that is best suited to you and ideally that you apply when the recruiting is online to prevent a long waiting period.

How long does the application process take?

You can follow your application status online and see what is going on. After applying, you will receive confirmation that your application has arrived. You may be asked to complete missing information or to provide documents. Once this is done, the recruitment process then follows the steps stated on the website.

Can you give me any advice for the online application? What documents do I have to include with my application?

Please follow this link to get the answer.

How should I prepare myself for an assessment center?

Our assessment centers (AC) consist of individual and team tasks, presentations, interviews, and trainee program situations. You will be given detailed information about these tasks at the AC. We would recommend that you find out about the company, its vision, values, divisions, and especially its products and services in terms of your future career, as well as innovative trends in the automotive industry. The language of the assessment center is English.
Our tip is to be yourself, show your motivation and drive for the program, and  remain focused at all times.

What are typical interview questions?

Please follow this link to get the answer.

Will I get feedback if my application is not successful?

We will let you know if your application was not successful. However, as we receive a large number of applications, we are unable to provide individual feedback. Your self-reflexion and learning from this experience is your biggest asset and you may get some hints.

If my application is not successful, is it possible to reapply for the same or another Continental trainee program?

In general, you can apply for any program and any position. However, to increase your chances, pay close attention to the requirements and apply only for those programs to which you are best suited. Reapplying for the same program may be recommended if the program was closed because the full quota of trainees was hired before your application was received. Another reason would be that your qualification changed, for example you achieved a higher university degree. Applying for another program may be recommended if your specialization also matches another program.

What type of employment will I get as a trainee?

The trainee program involves full-time employment with an unlimited contract.

What is the salary package for a trainee?

Trainee salaries reflect the market as well as compensation and benefit agreements between the company and the relevant industry labor unions. Country or regional laws and specifics are also taken into consideration.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

Every trainee program has a person who is responsible for recruitment. You can also check out the experience of other trainees in the blog and leave a comment.


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