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DRIVE Continental Automotive Graduate Program

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DRIVE Continental Automotive Graduate Program at a glance

Take your chance and be a part of the DRIVE Automotive Graduate Program for your perfect entry into the world of Continental, the market leading automotive supplier.The DRIVE Automotive Graduate Program provides you a global insight in the specific work fields and structures of Continental’s automotive divisions: Interior, Chassis & Safety and Powertrain. We offer you a challenging trainee position with a strong emphasis on hands-on work experience as well as your personal development through appealing trainings and individual check-points. Therewith we support your professional growth, which prepares you for demanding projects and your future career at Continental.

What can you expect?

During the 24 months of the DRIVE Automotive Graduate Program you gain a global insight the respective department, which can be in one of the following areas:

  • Manufacturing & Production:
    The department of manufacturing and production is always striving for the highest quality expected by the top OEMs of our high-tech products. During the DRIVE Automotive Graduate Program you will support your team to increase the efficiency and optimizing of processes in your specific division.
  • Engineering:
    The department of engineering, at the intersection of suppliers, clients and customers, offers you a challenging work environment in which you will be in a constant dialogue with different stakeholders of the three automotive divisions. This field requires innovative thinking as future products, technologies and solutions are developed in the engineering department.
  • Research & Development:
    The department of research and development stands for the innovative power of Continental by creating solutions for future and clever technologies to live up OEM’s expectations and make the customers’ dreams come true.
  • Marketing & Sales:
    As a supplier of the automotive industry Continental focuses on innovative products with a high standard of quality. For this reason, the main responsibility of the marketing & sales department is to present these products in a way which meets the great expectations and technical standards.
  • Logistics:
    The logistics department is the key interface between research and development, manufacturing, sales and our customers. During the DRIVE Automotive Graduate Program you get a deep insight into the main fields of logistics and gain valuable experience in operating efficient supply chain networks and important criteria for international company success.
  • Controlling:
    The controlling department plays an important role in measuring the actual performance, setting standards, taking corrective action if necessary and preparing forecasts etc. at a division, business unit or plant level. During the DRIVE Automotive Graduate Program you will pursue the long term goal to increase the success of Continental and you will be jointly responsible for the achievement of objectives.

You will be assigned to one of the three automotive divisions of Continental: Chassis & Safety, Interior or Powertrain. The division and business unit you will work for as a trainee depend on the current position openings and will be discussed latest during the personal interviews.

At the beginning of the program you get to know the products, structures and processes of your division. You will achieve this through a combination of operational as well as strategic tasks and projects – which will continue throughout the whole 24 months.

You will spend the first and the third assignment of the program in the respective division you were hired for, mostly in your dedicated location. For the second assignment you will have the opportunity to work abroad at one of our international locations and get the chance to understand the local business structures and processes. There you will work on challenging projects to show your knowledge and skills in an international frame and within culturally diverse teams.

An experienced mentor will support you during the program. In addition you will have the chance to optimize your skills through individual fitting workshops and seminars. This combination of job rotation, international experience at a market leading OEM and permanent support from your mentor provides you with excellent skills and prepares you optimally for your successful career at Continental.

What could your future look like?

The program offers you the ideal environment in order to be prepared for a successful career at Continental. After the DRIVE Automotive Graduate Program you will integrate into one business area usually within your Division or Business Unit. As young professional you will do a deep dive in order to gain further special knowledge and learn how to deal with long term consequences of decision making. In the next step and during the yearly employee development cycle you will be able to plan your national or international career including the participation in further development programs or e.g. functional or divisional cross moves.

What do we expect?

  • An excellent university degree in the respective area:
    1. Manufacturing & Production: manufacturing and production based on mechanical engineering, mechatronics or similar studies
    2. Engineering: industrial engineering
    3. Research & Development: mechatronics electronics, telematics or mechanical engineering
    4. Marketing & Sales: industrial engineering, business or international management with the focus on technical marketing and sales
    5. Logistics: economics with a strong focus on logistics or supply chain management
    6. Controlling: business with the focus on controlling or finance and ideally technical background
  • Experience in the automotive industry in internships or thesis writing
  • International experience during internships, studies or living abroad
  • Fluency in English and the language of the location where you apply
  • Self motivated with orientation on performance and achieving results
  • Readiness to learn and grow in the technical field
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Customer orientation and striving in an international work environment

Does that profile match your skills?

The next recruiting will start in May and we look forward to your application.

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