Does Continental have openings for executives?

As a company that does business around the world, Continental relies on its motivated, competent and creative employees with high potential. They are the backbone that keeps any company on a successful course into the future.

Does Continental offer opportunities to professionals from other fields?

Professionals from other fields are welcome at Continental. Our decision is based solely on the person’s professional and personal qualifications.

Does Continental also offer an online job portal?

Continental promotes the use of new media throughout the Group. With this in mind, a job portal was set up at Jobs@Continental.

At what age would my application no longer be accepted at Continental?

No applicant would be excluded from the application process because of his or her age. Each and every application is seriously considered. The person’s qualifications alone are what matters.

Will my application be forwarded to other locations?

Yes, applications are not simply reviewed for a single location alone. Mobility – preferably a willingness to work internationally – is one of the key requirements for a successful career at Continental.

Does Continental also offer the opportunity for employees to work from home?

Depending on the nature of the position, we do offer the option to conduct your work for a defined period of time either fully or in part from a home office. Alternatively, we also offer part-time solutions. A decision is based on careful consideration of an individual's goals along with the opportunities available at the company.

Does Continental offer a company pension scheme?

The company pension scheme at Continental goes under the name of ContiPLUS. With it, Continental contributes to its employees retirement. The decrease in the benefit levels offered by statutory retirement schemes makes it essential that each individual find ways to save for retirement themselves. Continental supports its employees in structuring an additional retirement savings account funded by their own means with the ContiPLUS retirement account.


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