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Information for Parents and Teachers

For parents and teachers alike, the comprehensive and future-oriented education of young individuals is at the top of their list of priorities. For Continental as well. And there are convincing arguments as to why that is. Here just the four most important arguments in favor of an education with us.

Our competence:
In today's world, a first-class education is more important than ever before. Those who can build their futures on the best basic skills and experience such as the ones offered at a high-tech company such as Continental goes a long way towards increasing his or her outlook for the future.

Our versatility:
Continental offers a total of 20 different administrative and technical professional training programs. High school graduates with a university entrance qualification are also given the opportunity to combine theory and practice in one of our 17 dual cooperative study programs.

Our guidance:
Your choice of a vocation after you have finished school is extremely important. This choice sets the course for the rest of your life. Continental does not abandon young individuals searching for the right vocation during this orientation period. Continental offers guidance by way of informational brochures, at career events, at career days and in personal meetings with trainees and instructors and provides the opportunity to get to know the wide range of professional fields. This way, you can field out for yourself at an early stage whether your own interests, skills and expectations are a good match to the real world.

Our quality concept:
The practical component is important for your own professional development. The education system in Germany must measure up to this need. This is the point where we step in with our training programs. We work closely with schools in general education and with vocational schools and also with universities so that young individuals can be ideally prepared as early as possible for the demands and challenges of vocational training.


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