How do I find a vocational training program that’s right for me?

Choosing a vocation is one of the most important decisions you can make for setting the course to your future. This is why you should research well in advance which companies have which perspectives to offer. When choosing your vocation, your personal interests are very important. If the programs offered at the company are able to match your own interests, you are already one big step ahead.

What is the best way to learn more about Continental?

Visit our website www.continental-corporation.com where you will find a host of information on the developments at our company and about the training programs we offer. In addition, we are also represented on numerous product, training and career trade shows and events.

What do I need to consider when submitting my application?

It is important that you submit your application online using the application form provided there. Additional documents, such as certificates about completed internships, can be attached to your application as a PDF format or as an MS Office format.

What grades are necessary?

A good report card is important for your application to be successful. Yet, grades alone are not everything. We must especially be convinced of your personality. That is why it is important that you present yourself just the way you are in your application.

How many trainees does Continental currently employ?

At present, Continental employs around 1800 trainees in Germany.

How many started their vocational training at Continental in 2010?

560 trainees started their vocational training at a Continental location somewhere in Germany.

How high is the trainee quota at Continental?

For all of Germany, the quota is around 3.8 percent.

How are trainees at Continental paid?

The pay depends on the respective collective wage agreement worked out with the unions. This agreement varies from plant to plant.

What kind of diploma does an applicant for a Conti Traineeship or ContiBachelor have to have?

For a Conti traineeship the applicant must have at least a lower school certificate. A university qualifying certificate is required for the ContiBachelor program.


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