What are the most frequently preferred study programs when selecting trainees, final projects, bachelor’s and master’s graduates?

Generally, Continental offers internships and opportunities to work on final projects to students of almost every field of study. We are especially interested in students from the following fields:

- Engineering
Industrial engineering

When should I submit an application for an internship or for a final project?

Ideally, two to three months prior to the desired entry date by submitting your application through our job portal Jobs@Continental

What does the process entail when applying for an internship or final project work?

Once you have caught our interest after a review of your application, we typically carry out an interview by phone. If this interview goes well, we follow up with a personal meeting.

Are applications that are submitted online preferred?

Continental promotes the use of new media throughout the Group. With this in mind, a job portal was set up at Jobs@Continental. This portal is considered the standard means for accepting applications at Continental.

At which locations can I apply for an internship or a final project at Continental?

Continental offers the option to take part in an internship program or to prepare your final project at many different locations. You will find much more detailed information on the individual locations at our job portal.

Is there a minimum amount of time set to prepare a final project?

That depends on the requirements at your university. Typically, the time set to prepare the project is between three and six months.

Do I need to have completed an internship program at Continental before being able to work on my final project?

This is not a general requirement – but having successfully completed an internship program at Continental is of course to your advantage.

What requirements do I need to meet in order to apply for an internship or to prepare a final project?

- Enrollment at a university
Excellent grades
A team player and communication skills
Above-average dedication and flexibility
Good command of the English language

As a student at a foreign university, may I apply for an internship in Germany or to prepare my final project there?

Of course. If you match the requirements (see the question above), we do not treat you any differently than applicants from Germany.


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