What is Formula Student Germany?


What is Formula Student Germany?

The Formula Student competition forms a connection between the "dull" theory learned at a university and a college and the practical experience gained on and beside the race track. Each student team drafts, designs and constructs their own one-seater race car for a fictional manufacturing company. Each car must fulfill certain requirements, such as technical specifications and driving safety.

The Formula Student Germany competition runs over several days and covers a range of disciplines. In addition to competing in the technical categories of acceleration, handling and endurance, the teams also draw up and present their own design, business plans and cost calculations. These are then judged by experts from the automotive industry.The first Formula Student took place in 1981, when the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) founded the "Formula SAE" in the USA. This was soon followed by races in England, Italy, Japan and Brazil. In Germany, the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (Association of German Engineers, VDI) set up the Formula Student Germany competition. It all began in 2005 with a pre-event at the Harz-Ring in Aschersleben/Leipzig. In 2006, the design competition moved to the Hockenheimring, where it has been held ever since.

How does Continental AG support the student teams?

Continental AG is one of the main sponsors of Formula Student Germany. In addition to this, the company supports a number of student teams in different ways. The teams receive both technical expertise and high-quality products from Continental AG. A number of the Continental employees are also in a great position to build up a detailed image of the students innovative strengths, technical skills and interests – as judges for individual sub-disciplines they assess the Formula Student teams at the Hockenheimring.

Why does Continental AG sponsor Formula Student Germany?

"We realize that the future of the automobile is very much dependent on the application and innovative skills of the next generation of engineers. As a supplier of brake systems, powertrain and chassis systems and components, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires, and technical elastomers, Continental AG contributes to enhanced driving safety and protection of the global climate. Formula Student provides the participants with the opportunity to demonstrate their interdisciplinary skills. During the construction of their one-seater race cars, the young engineers acquire skills in design and business studies. In addition to this, a large international project like Formula Student hones the social skills that we look for in all our employees. We wish all the teams good luck, and hope they enjoy the event at the Hockenheimring."
Barbara Texter, Corporate Employer Branding and Recruiting

Praise for Formula Student Germany

"The most important factor for victory on the track was the Conti anti-blocking system."
Ann-Christin Bartölke, former member of the Technical University of Braunschweig team and graduate employee at Continental AG.

"The international aspect of the event allows an interesting and very special exchange of knowledge between the teams and provides an opportunity to establish contacts with young engineers from all over the world."
Dr. Burkhard Wies, Head of Tire Line Development Worldwide

"The quality of many cars is astoundingly high. I was especially impressed by the range of ideas and how successfully they've been implemented at this year's event."
Ralf Lenninger, Vice President Interior Electronic Solutions

"This event is a good platform for companies and engineering students who want to establish valuable contacts. The students at the Hockenheimring were highly-motivated and displayed the academic and social characteristics we are looking for in our employees."
Angela Jannes, Employer Branding and Recruiting

"The impressive performance of our sponsored teams and the company’s presence in an international design competition for engineering students contributes to the image we're trying to achieve. A lot of talented young engineers showed an interest in careers at Continental."
Sehnaz Özden, Head of Employer Branding and Recruiting

"The interdisciplinary and multifunctional challenge allows the students to put the theory they have learned to practical use [...] so it's no surprise that students who have taken part in the Formula Student competition have the best chance of attaining qualified positions in the industry." Tim Hanning, Chair of the Steering Committee for Formula Student Germany

"It's fascinating to see the high-tech results the student teams produce – such talented young engineers are an exciting prospect."
Dr. Bernward Bayer, acting Head of Future Development, Frankfurt

 "We have also given the universities a very realistic task. Each team needs to produce ideas. How do they propose to reduce the costs of the brake systems intelligently?"
Frank Steinmeier, R&D Controlling Director


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