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Internship Abroad with Continental

Have you always wanted to go abroad? As an international company, Continental offers students the opportunity to broaden their horizons. With locations in 49 countries, our interns can get a taste of practical international experience, get to know other cultures, and develop personally and professionally. Whether in Romania or the USA, an internship – especially one abroad – puts you one step ahead in the career game.

What you offer:

  • Very good English skills and/or the language skills relevant to your respective host country
  • A successfully completed domestic internship at Continental is a plus
  • Enrollment at the time of the internship

Your path to a internship abroad:

You can directly apply for a student internship abroad at Continental in the respective host country. All opportunities are listed in our job portal . Select your desired destination country under the "Internship" heading. Please send your application to the respective location six months before the start of the internship with details about how long you wish to work.

General conditions:

The general conditions concerning a internship abroad with Continental vary based on the host country. It is best if you talk things over with the responsible HR department. Similarly, any details regarding visas, accommodation, getting there and back, etc. should be discussed in person with an HR consultant.


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