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Continental is considered to be a preferred and progressive employer. Thanks to this image Continental is presented various awards every year.

Here are a few examples:

The universum survey focuses on asking students about job characteristics and which of those characteristics are important for employer attractiveness. In universum’s survey, we were chosen to be one of the most attractive employers in 2016. In addition, we were one of the 100 most popular employers in China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Portugal.

We also turned out to be one of the top 100 employers in Germany according to the trendence survey of young professionals. In its survey, the Trendence Institute asks students and young professionals every year about their expectations of their future career start, their general plans for the future, their educational background and habits of communication as well as their assessment of employer attractiveness.

The employer valuation platform Kununu has given its “TOP Company” sign to Continental as an attractive employer. On the platform, employees and external staff can review topics such as leaders, co-workers, equality, communication and employer image.

In the career’s best recruiters survey, Continental was evaluated based on the experience of candidates in the recruiting process. This benchmark also takes into account the overall homepage of the organization, its social media appearance, its activities on online job portals and appearance at recruiting fairs.

In the 2015 Potentialpark study, 3,400 websites and the activities of employers worldwide were examined and about 23,000 jobseekers were asked about their preferences. This survey provides information about all existing online channels as well as how employers use these channels to communicate with potential employees.


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