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Entry programs

Nothing is more important for the new entry than to become well integrated into the new working environment. At Continental we accompany you right from the start with tailored entry programs, talent initiatives, seminars and workshops. Those who take up their profession participate in the Continental Entry Program as their first development step within Continental.

The Continental Entry Program

With the Continental Entry Program, you do not only get to know the company and its culture, you also get the chance to build up international networks and right from the beginning of your career at Continental. Lasting up to three years, the Continental Entry Program covers the following modules:

Starting module
The eLearning program C.OnBoard enables you to get an overview over the core within your first three months at Continental.

Basic modules
During the next six months you will participate in the Continental Entry Conference (CEC) and the Employee Dialogue Training. At the Continental Entry Conference, you will experience our corporate spirit up close, beyond functional and regional boundaries. The Employee Dialogue Training will prepare you for your yearly employee dialogue between you and your supervisor.

Optional modules
Additionally there are three optional modules available for you, covering the topics of

  • Project Management (Basics)
  • Effective Presentations
  • Self Management

As the “manager of your own talents”, you can establish and nourish competencies to last a lifetime.


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