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Promoting talent

We demand expertise; we encourage expertise. To be a forge of ideas, Continental must also forge talent. This starts with the annual employee dialogues during which you have a conversation with your supervisor and commit yourself to your very own development plan. And this continues, for instance, with our “cross moves” initiative with which we promote an understanding for the different fields, functions and cultures. 

Continental offers a consistent architecture of leadership and high potential development programs to support our leaders in mastering the challenges ahead. All our programs consist of at least two modules to allow practical application of the content between modules. Inter-modular work is often further facilitated by dedicated implementation assignments. To make sure that participants take these lessons forward into their daily business after the program, they discuss implementation agreements with their direct supervisor before a program and review them afterwards. In all programs, participants from different organizational units can expand their cross-divisional and often also their cross-regional network.

Leading Self Program (LSP)

For young professionals with further potential and no leadership responsibility to date, the LSP offers them the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths, weaknesses and preferences regarding their working environment. Furthermore, this program covers topics such as conflict management and communication with different stakeholder groups.

Leadership Development Program 1 (LDP 1)

LDP 1 is intended for all new leaders who are about to or have recently taken on a leadership position. This program will help them to manage the step into their new role, strengthen their leadership skills and prepare them for managing all relevant processes related to their leadership task (e.g. the annual employee dialogue). The program is also open for project managers and experts with significant functional leadership responsibilities.

Leadership Development Program 2 (LDP 2)

LDP 2 is for leaders who have spent a few years in their leadership role. It offers them the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership style and to work on improving their leadership skills. This program includes different methods for receiving feedback and for increasing self-awareness.

International Management Program (IMP)

This program is geared toward employees who stand out because of their excellent performance and their potential for an important role within Continental. In partnership with a business school, participants can develop their general management skills and gain valuable insights into different parts of Continental’s global business. This is facilitated by challenging action learning approaches. The program demands a significant level of commitment and investment of time from the participants, both during and outside of the program modules.

Leadership Development Program 3 (LDP 3)

LDP 3 is targeted at new Executives and aims to help them be successful in their new role. This program focuses on clarifying their role and reflecting on and improving their leadership skills.

Leadership Development Program 4 (LDP 4)

In LDP 4, leading leaders with some years of experience in the role are invited to reflect on their leadership behavior to date, to identify room for improvement, and to gain valuable inspiration and new perspectives for their own leadership journey.

Corporate Executive Development Program (CEDP)

CEDP features three major topic threads on general management expertise and is intended to be a stepping stone for our leading leaders to help them develop further and reach the top management level at Continental. This program involves identifying and implementing options for stronger cross-organizational co-operation as well as peer coaching and networking with participants from all over the world.

New Senior Executive Workshop (NSEW)

This one-day event is for all new Senior Executives at Continental. In addition to presentations and market places on Continental's strategy and strategic initiatives, this event gives new Senior Executives the chance to meet and get to know Members of the Executive Board and other Senior Executives.


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