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Continental AG – High-performance products are derived from a high-performance culture

Brake systems, powertrain and chassis systems and components, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires, and technical elastomers are just a small cross-section of Continental’s broad product portfolio.

Continental - Innovative, international, dynamic

Continental sees itself as an innovation-oriented technology corporation and is among the leading suppliers to the automotive industry worldwide. The corporation employs more than 186,000 employees at 300 locations in 49 countries, and sales of over €33,3 billion in 2013.

In recent years, the corporation has undergone dynamic change, growing on a global scale, not least as a result of various acquisitions, and thus taking on an ever greater position in global competition. A fundamental experience that the corporation has gained throughout this process of change is what a decisive role corporate culture plays. Issues such as “sustainability”, “forward-looking innovations” and “profitable growth” have consequently been pushed closer to the fore.

Continental is shaping the future of networked mobility

The corporation makes individual mobility safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable. With its core competencies, products, and services, Continental, together with its customers, improves the safety, comfort and enjoyment of driving. The corporation’s products, technologies and processes help make a significant contribution to sustainable mobility.

Our employees are the key to success

Its employees in particular are what make Continental strong. The corporation expects commitment and strength of purpose from its employees. It rewards excellence and creates the working conditions required to enhance and foster quality performance. It promotes devotedness, qualifications, education and training, flexibility and loyalty as a matter of course. A great deal is invested in the workplace in all areas of the corporation. The corporation is committed to providing healthy working conditions and ensuring safety in the workplace. Everyone at Continental enjoys equal opportunity, regardless of age, nationality, gender, religion, race or sexual orientation.

The Employer Brand Continental

With our Employer Brand we express what Continental stands for today: Innovation, Internationalty, Passion and Success. More about our Employer Brand here .


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