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Rubber Group

Passenger and Light Truck Tires

Car safety starts with the car’s tires. The demands placed on them are enormous since one meter of braking distance can make a crucial difference. After all, the car’s full braking force is transmitted to the road solely via four postcard-size contact patches. Continental passenger and light truck tires provide superb vehicle-road contact in all types of weather. Requirements for our tires may vary, but one thing always holds true: nothing is more important to us and our customers than safety. By constantly decreasing rolling resistance, a steady reduction in CO2 is achieved. The Passenger and Light Truck Tires division develops and manufactures passenger and light truck tires for compact, medium-size and full-size cars as well as tires for SUVs, vans, light trucks and RVs. This division produces tires under the brand names of Continental, Uniroyal (except in NAFTA, Columbia and Peru), Semperit, Barum, General Tire, Viking, Gislaved, Mabor, Matador, Euzkadi, and Sime Tyres.

The Passenger and Light Truck Tires division also includes two-wheel (motorcycle and bicycle) business and retail tire companies with more than 2,200 specialty tire outlets and franchises in twelve countries.

Passenger and Light Truck Tires comprises five business units:

  • Original Equipment
  • Replacement Business, EMEA
  • Replacement Business, The Americas
  • Replacement Business, Asia Pacific
  • Two-Wheel Tires

Commercial Vehicle Tires

Continental’s commercial vehicle tires and services are used in sectors involving the transportation of goods and people, construction site work, and the handling of materials. They represent long tire life, reliable transmission of forces and low fuel consumption, therefore providing economical mobility. The division produces truck, bus and industrial tires for various applications and service conditions. Continental premium brand tires are marketed worldwide. The Barum, Semperit, Uniroyal, and Matador brands are available in Europe as well. In America, the range is supplemented by the General Tire and Ameri*Steel brands, and in Mexico the Euzkadi brand. In Asia, Sime Tyres brand tires complete the product portfolio. The Industrial Tires unit develops and produces tires of the Continental, Barum, Simex, General Tire, Ameri*Steel and Novum brands.

The division comprises four business units:

  • Truck Tires, EMEA
  • Truck Tires, The Americas
  • Truck Tires, Asia Pacific
  • Industrial Tires

Division ContiTech

The ContiTech division is a specialist in rubber and plastics technology. With its high-tech products and systems, ContiTech is a global development partner and OEM to the automotive industry, machine and plant construction, railway engineering and printing industries, the building trade, as well as to the mining, chemical, petrochemical, shipping and aviation industries. Our products have many uses – they are flexible and thermally stable, formable, abrasion-resistant, reversible and eco-friendly. They lend themselves well to combinations with other materials such as glass, metal, and ceramics.

ContiTech is divided into seven business units:

  • Air Spring Systems
  • Benecke-Kaliko Group
  • Conveyor Belt Group
  • Elastomer Coatings
  • Fluid Technology
  • Power Transmission Group
  • Vibration Control
  • Other Operations


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