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Pictograms – Part of Our Employer Brand

"Let your ideas shape the future" – this is the tagline under our new employer brand, and an invitation to our potential employees to bring fresh ideas to our company and help us design the future together. Even the many tiny pictograms that make up the "ideas" have their individual meanings. They reflect what Continental stands for in today's world: innovation, internationality, passion, and success.

Each pictogram is a symbol that represents Continental and shows how we work, our company culture, and which products we're working on.

Diverse Range of Products:

Continental produces a lot more than our famous premium tires. Our pictograms show that our range of products also includes steering wheels, car batteries, parking brakes, textile conveyor belts, pipelines, and engines. We not only supply automotive manufacturers, but are also active in a large variety of other industries as an international technology corporation.

Company Culture/Working Environment:

Our employees are the key to our success. That's why it's our duty to offer them a working environment that allows them to fully live up to their potential. Our company culture is shaped by our four main values: Trust, Freedom To Act, Passion To Win, and For One Another. You can see this sense of our culture reflected in the pictograms.

Sustainability/Environmental Awareness:

Sustainability and environmental awareness build a base for our values. We contribute to sustainable mobility with our products, technologies, and services. We make significant contributions of benefit to society for a number of additional key industries – such as building wind turbines for energy generation. The latest storage systems work to make the plants more cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly. In addition, Continental works with innovative and sustainable products in order to keep vehicle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at a minimum.

Networked Driving:

Continental is also an experienced partner in networked automobile communication, and is paving the road towards future mobility. Not only do we supply the automotive industry with innovative navigation and communication systems, but we also are working on designing the future of networked mobility with "intelligent transportation systems."  Some of the pictograms stand for these technologies.

Research and Development:

More than 20,000 employees work in research and development to ensure our long-term competitiveness and innovative strength as one of the leading global automotive suppliers and industry partner. To achieve this, we need optimized processes, employees with brilliant ideas, and the right tools. Even though this research is ultimately reflected in our end products, there are also a few pictograms specially designed to represent this field.

A pictogram travels the world

One of our pictograms (the “global” one) already traveled the Continental world. It was sent from one country to the next and every country had the task to take a photo with it. The photo should show the pictogram, Continental colleagues and something typical for the country to show our diverse and international team. In one year 40 photos evolved from this activity and were posted on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you want to see all of them, please check our photo album.


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