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Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS

Our comfortable system for tire pressure monitoring detects even small pressure fluctuations, locates the affected tires and informs the driver with warnings of varying urgency. Function: A co-rotating wheel module with an integrated valve measures tire pressure and temperature and transmits these data as an HF radio signal. Two functional variants have been developed to receive and process the data:

TPMS A: 4 wheel modules, 4 antennas with HF coupler

The receiving antennas are located on the connecting cables for the wheel speed sensors. They send the data to the EBS-ECU, which then analyzes them in an intelligent warning strategy unit. We are the only supplier that can offer this technology without any additional cable, receiver and ECU.

TPMS B: 4 wheel modules, 1 central antenna

This more economical solution with a central receiver in the EBS control unit is used when the maximum transmitting power is allowed for the wheel modules. Through a combination with DDS and intelligent data processing, this system is able to assign the 4 received pressures to the 4 wheels (autolocation function) even with only one receiving antenna. In case of failure of sensors, DDS is used as a fallback solution.

A look into the future

Future generations of systems networked with TPMS, DDS and ESP will make important contributions to active accident avoidance, such as ESP control dependent of tire pressure and load-dependent tire pressure recommendation. A sensor-transponder integrated in the tire without a battery will supply pressure and temperature data as well as information about the tire itself.