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ContiTech Division

The ContiTech division develops, manufactures, and markets functional parts, intelligent components, and systems made of rubber, plastic, metal, and fabric for machine and plant engineering, mining, agriculture, the automotive industry, and for other important sectors. At all times, we focus on using  resources in a responsible manner. We lose no time in adapting major technological trends such as functional integration, lightweight design, and downsizing. To this end, we keep a large number of products and services readily available.

The division is divided into nine business units (Status: December 31, 2016):

  • Air Spring Systems  
  • Benecke-Kaliko Group
  • Compounding Technology  
  • Conveyor Belt Group
  • Elastomer Coatings
  • Industrial Fluid Systems
  • Mobile Fluid Systems
  • Power Transmission Group
  • Vibration Control

Further information:

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