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Chassis & Safety Division

With extensive expertise in driving safety, the Chassis & Safety division integrates components and systems in the areas of hydraulic and electric brakes, driver assistance, passive safety, sensors and chassis dynamics. A vehicle that acts and reacts in a networked way reduces the strain on the driver, helping him or her to cope with complex or critical traffic situations. Chassis & Safety develops and produces intelligent systems for an automotive future in which life is protected and injuries avoided. The division integrates the entire spectrum of active and passive safety systems. Active safety systems, like electronic braking and driver assistance systems, warn of imminent dangers and intervene to assist with steering, braking and suspension control. Passive safety systems, such as airbags and pedestrian protection, provide the best possible protection in the event of an accident. Our product portfolio includes electronic and hydraulic brake and stability control systems, driver assistance systems, airbag electronics, and electronic air suspension systems and sensors. We are convinced that, thanks to innovative technologies, accident-free driving will be possible in the future – for all vehicle categories and in all markets of this world.

The division consists of four business units (Status: December 31, 2015):

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Passive Safety & Sensorics
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Further information:

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