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History 1871 - 1926





October 8, 1871

Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie is founded in Hanover as a joint stock company. Manufacturing at the main factory in Vahrenwalder Street includes soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics, solid tires for carriages and bicycles.



The rampant horse is adopted as trademark.




Continental is the first German company to manufacture pneumatic tires for bicycles.




Production of automobile pneumatic tires without tread pattern starts in Hanover-Vahrenwald.




The first German airship LZ 1 uses Continental's balloon material to seal the gas bags.




The first Daimler-produced car to be called Mercedes achieves a sensational victory on Continental pneumatics in the Nice-Salon-Nice car race.



Continental presents the world's first automobile tire with a patterned tread.




Continental produces riveted anti-skid tires, a forerunner of steel-studded tires.




The first edition of Continental's Road Atlas for motorists and motorcyclists is published.



Continental invents the detachable rim for sedans - a remarkable innovation to help save time and effort when changing a tire.





Specimens of synthetic rubber developed at the Bayer laboratories are successfully vulcanized at Continental and processed to make the first test tires.

Louis Blériot, the pioneer aviator, writes history with the first flight across the English Channel. Continental Aeroplan material covers the fuselage and wings of his plane.



Construction of an administration building designed by architect Peter Behrens begins in Vahrenwalder Street. In 1986, this building is bought by the Hanover City Council to house a technology center.





Triple victory for Daimlers fitted with Continental tires at the French Grand Prix.



The company's 50th anniversary sees Continental as the first German company to bring cord tire onto the market. The stiff linen square-woven fabric is thus replaced by the more pliable cord fiber fabric. The first giant pneumatic tires are made by Continental and replace the solid tires used until that time on commercial vehicles.