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History 1971 - 1995



Europe's largest hose manufacturing facilities are set up at the Korbach plant. The entire hose production is transferred from Hanover to Korbach.


Continental launches the studless ContiContact winter tire. 



Continental is the first manufacturer to supply the European automotive industry with extrusion-blow-molded polyurethane gaiters.



In Northeim, one of Europe's largest conveyor belt production lines comes on stream.


Purchase of Techno-Chemie, Frankfurt, one of Germany's leading hose couplers.


Takeover of the European tire operations of Uniroyal, Inc., USA, gives Continental a wider base in Europe (photo: Aachen plant).



Continental hydromounts - special bearing elements used in engines for damping vibrations and noise - are mass-produced for the automotive industry.


Takeover of the tire operations of the Austrian company Semperit.


Acquisition of the North American tire manufacturer General Tire, Inc. The company has been operating under the name of Continental Tire North America, Inc., since 2001.



A joint venture is set up together with the Portuguese company Mabor for the production of tires in Lousado. 1993 sees complete takover of the tire activities and of a factory producing textile cord.


The industrial products operations are reorganzied under the ContiTech umbrella brand.

With its ContiEcoContact tire, Continental is the first manufacturer to launch an environment-friendly passenger tire.



The majority holding in the Czech company Barum comprises a passenger and commercial vehicle tire plant in Otrokovice as well as a dealer organization with about 50 outlets.
Continental currently has more than 2000 tire retailers and franchises in 18 European countries, including various retail organizations such as Vergölst.
Benecke-Kaliko AG is integrated into the ContiTech division. Key products are leatherette and sheeting.


Joint venture between ContiTech and the Slovakian company Vegum for the production of rubber extrusions for the European automotive industry. In 1996, the agreement is extended to include molded products.


The Automotive Systems division is established to intensify the systems business with the automotive industry.