At present, Continental is rated by Standard & Poor's (S&P) at BBB+,  Fitch at BBB+ and by Moody's at Baa1. 

The following table shows the rating status. (Further information about the various rating categories can be found in the publications of the rating agencies Fitch , Moody's and Standard & Poor's ).

S&P* - long termS&P - short term
May 11, 2016BBB+, stable outlook A-2
May 20, 2015BBB confirmed, changes outlook to positiveA-2
December 6, 2013BBB, stable outlookA-2
November 26, 2013BB+ confirmed, changes outlook to positiveB
October 1, 2013BB+, stable outlookB
May 24, 2013BB, stable outlookB
May 16, 2012BB-, outlook positiveB
July 20, 2011B+, outlook positiveB
March 11, 2011B confirmed, changes outlook to positiveB
May 18, 2010B, stable outlookB
January 21, 2010B+ confirmed, outlook remains on credit watch negativeB
August 13, 2009 B+, on credit watch negativeB
June 10, 2009Continental is on watchlistB
January 27, 2009BB, negative outlookB
December 15, 2008 Continental is on watchliston watchlist
September 26, 2008BBB-, stable outlook A-3
June 26, 2008BBB confirmed, changes outlook to negativeA-3
November 16, 2007BBB, stable outlookA-2
July 25, 2007Continental is on watchlistA-2
August 6, 2004BBB+, changes outlook to stableA-2
January 8, 2004BBB confirmed, changes outlook to positiveA-2
October 31, 2001BBB, stable outlookA-2
September 14, 2001Continental is on watchlistA-2
May 19, 2000first publishing of rating:
BBB+, stable outlook

 * Contracted rating since May 19, 2000.

Fitch** - long termFitch* - short term
October 24, 2016BBB+, stable outlookF2
September 05, 2014BBB, changes outlook to positiveF2
July 15, 2013BBB, stable outlook F3

 ** Contracted rating since November 7, 2013.

Moody's*** - long termMoody's - short term
June 30, 2015Baa1, stable outlook
September 19, 2013Baa3, stable outlook 
August 12, 2013Ba1, stable outlookNo prime
September 28, 2012Ba2, changes outlook to positiveNo prime
April 5, 2011Ba3, stable outlookNo Prime
July 15, 2010B1 confirmed, changes outlook to stableNo Prime
August 14, 2009B1, negtive outlookNo Prime
June 2, 2009Ba3, negative outlookNo Prime
February 23, 2009Ba2, negative outlookNo Prime
December 18, 2008Ba1, negative outlookNo Prime
November 07, 2008Baa3P-3
September 18, 2008Continental is on watchliston watchlist
February 26, 2008Baa2, negative outlookP-2
July 26, 2007Continental is in watchlistP-2
April 1, 2005Baa1, stable outlookP-2
September 1, 2004Baa2 confirmed, changes outlook to positiveP-2
December 15, 2003Baa2 confirmed, changes outllook to stableP-2
November 5, 2001Baa2, changes outlook to negative P-2
September 13, 2001Continental is on watchlistP-2
April 2, 2001Baa1 confirmed, changes outlook to negative  P-2
May 19, 2000 First publishing of rating:
Baa1, stable outlook

*** Non-contracted rating since February 1, 2014.