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Dividend Payout During the Last Years

The dividend for the previous fiscal year (subject to the approval of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting) is payed once a year. The dividend for 2016 will be paid out three working days after the ASM (28. April 2017) on May 4, 2017.  

The Executive Board and Supvervisory Board proposed to rise the dividend by 50 cents to €4.25. 

  • Continental has increased dividend payment by more than 250% since 2011.
  • The payout ratio has been constantly raised since 2012.  
  • The payout ratio corridor has ranged between 15% and 30% in the last years.  


1 Dividend subject to approval of the Annual Sharehoders' Meeting (ASM on April 28, 2017).
2 Dividend paid for the respcetive fiscal year.