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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The employees at Continental are working all over the world to offer our customers products that provide the highest possible safety, sustainability and convenience in road traffic. However, a company’s success and competitiveness are not defined by its growth and profitability alone: Convincing products also take ecological and social aspects into account. We are committed to sustained social responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – because corporate activity involves a constructive dialog with different interest groups. This represents a challenge, but it is also an opportunity that we want to exploit.

Treating people and the environment in a responsible manner plays a fundamental role in our success as a global corporation. For this reason, it is in the interests of the Corporation to offer and continually improve resource-saving products. We are also convinced that the well-being, skills and motivation of our employees play a decisive role in achieving our economic goals. In line with this, we are committed, among other things, to active health management, projects that make it possible to balance career and family demands, and training and further qualification opportunities that establish a secure basis for the future. In addition to our corporate activities, we also support other projects and campaigns by partnering with a large number of groups in society – primarily in the fields of welfare, safety, education, science, and sports. Here, we make systematic use of the potential offered from being a corporate group that is organized in a decentralized manner, with strong levels of responsibility on site.

In drawing up this initial CSR report for Continental AG, we applied the international Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (GRI) as a framework. The report covers our corporate regulations and codes of behavior through to projects and measures undertaken by the Continental divisions and locations that have been committed to environmental protection and social responsibility for many years.

To us, acting in a responsible, sustainable fashion means establishing an acceptable balance for all involved between the economic requirements of the Corporation and the valid expectations of interest groups vis-à-vis our company. At the same time, we are open to ideas and constructive suggestions as to how we can put our corporate responsibility into practice more efficiently and how we can advance changes – for ours is a policy of continuous improvement.


Dr. Elmar Degenhart

Here you will find the complete CSR report.