Continental opens new Electronic Braking Systems Production Hall in Budapest

May 19, 2008

Chassis & Safety Division is investing in the Budapest plant and recruited 150 new employees.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany / Budapest, Hungary. The international automotive supplier Continental invested approximately EUR 24 million in the Budapest plant in 2007 and intends to increase this amount in 2008. The largest investment project planned for 2008 was the construction of the new EBS production hall and the installation of additional production lines. To the official opening ceremony of the new building scheduled for May 19, 2008 prominent members of the Continental management have been invited, including Henner Cnyrim, Senior Vice President of the Central Electronic Plants, and Dr. Herbert Dreher, Executive Vice President of the Business Unit EBS - belonging to the Continental Division Chassis & Safety.

In the new production hall 700 people will work on 4 production lines. Of the 700 people, 150 will be new employees.

The New EBS Production Hall in Budapest, Hungary. Continental started business in Hungary in 1990 and has majority interest in 7 enterprises in Hungary. The Budapest plant, as one of the subsidiaries of the Corporation in Hungary, is engaged in the production of vehicle electronic components and microelectronic circuit modules with the help of state-of-the-art robotized technologies. The activities of the plant include the manufacturing of various comfort and chassis electronic elements, oil sensors as well as electronic control units for anti-lock braking systems and electronic stability systems.

The product development activities of the location are of great significance: EBS (Electronic Brake Systems) control units are developed there by an integrated engineering team.

The factory with an area of nearly  located in District 10 of Budapest, in Kőbánya, provides employment for 1,400 people. The ratio of blue- to white-collar workers is 80 to 20%.

Besides a modern production area of nearly 2,300 m2, the necessary storage space and social facilities as well as changing rooms can also be found in the new EBS production hall. Furthermore, it houses the expanding development section, ensuring work for around 70 development engineers.

The construction work of the building started in December 2007. The establishment of a new production facility was necessary for several reasons. A number of new products have been launched at the plant in recent years, while the production capacity of already existing products has been expanded.

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