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Continental's Fluidic nozzle ensures good visibility and halves water usage

Jan 15, 2009

Greater safety and almost 50 percent reduction of water usage with Fluidic water nozzles. Good visibility and clear illumination are the basic essentials for safe driving in the dark winter months.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, January 15, 2009. Fluidic nozzles considerably reduce the volume of water and screenwash liquids needed to clean windshields and headlamps. Continental, the international automotive supplier, is drawing attention to the advantages offered by this innovation. "Fluidic nozzles don't just ensure that windshields and headlamps are really thoroughly cleaned", said Sven Petzold, head of Washer Systems segment in the Chassis Components business unit of the Chassis & Safety Division, "but by rapidly applying an evenly-distributed spray, they protect the environment and help manufacturers to reduce vehicle weight and save space."

Good visibility is essential for safe driving. Optimum cleaning and the best possible use of resources is achieved by covering the whole swept area with water before the wiper blade moves across it. This prevents the smudges caused by wiping a dry windshield and avoids the need to spray again. The special design of the Fluidic nozzle keeps the pressure constant and ensures even, rapid coverage using little water due to its oscillating jet. To the driver, the jet appears like a spray fan. The nozzle itself does not move but the oscillating jet is created by the geometry inside the nozzle's plastic ducts. The geometry is also responsible for adjusting the aperture to the correct vertical and horizontal angles. Vortices, produced naturally by flow dynamics in the nozzle ducts, make for a rapidly oscillating jet which is rapidly, evenly and finely distributed over the windshield or headlamp.

Vortices in the nozzle ducts make for a rapidly oscillating jet. This design has allowed Continental's engineers to reduce water usage by almost half compared with eyeball nozzles, meaning either that a smaller water reservoir can be installed or that the screenwash water will last for longer. Because water distribution has been optimized, drivers do not need to operate the windshield washer controls for quite so long nor re-fill the reservoir so frequently.

The Fluidic nozzle can also be installed as a "Double Spray" version, in which two oscillating jets per nozzle, one for the upper and one for the lower half of the windshield, provide even better coverage. A Fluidic nozzle can ensure good visibility even at high speeds and especially as windshields become flatter and larger for aerodynamic reasons. Some 60 percent of all European vehicles are already equipped with Continental cleaning nozzles.

Heated washer systems provide additional help whenever the temperature drops below freezing. And for luxury class vehicles, manufacturers can always install Continental's heated water reservoirs and hoses, in addition to our electrically heated nozzles. Problems associated with frozen nozzles will then be a thing of the past.


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