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Continental opens new Automotive Tech Center in Jiading, China

Apr 2, 2009

Development of new safety and powertrain technologies customized to the Chinese market underline commitment to grow in Asia.

Shanghai, China, April 2, 2009 The international automotive supplier Continental AG has opened a new Automotive Tech Center in Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai. Two Divisions of the Continental Automotive Group, Chassis & Safety and Powertrain, have invested in Jiading to conduct vehicle application development and system test of our new technology and products customized for the Chinese OEM market. The engineering activities cover electronic brake systems, hydraulic brake systems, and engine management and system control.

As one of the main Tech Centers in Asia, Continental Automotive Tech Center Jiading plays an important role in expanding our local R&D talent pool, building up local R&D competence and optimizing R&D cost for the Asian OEMs. It’s designated to develop products and solutions with better quality, cost-effective high-performance and more innovative technologies, with the aim to further improve driving safety, reduce traffic fatalities, increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions for the local market. With its scalable and modular product portfolio, Continental is particularly well-equipped to meet the wide range of customer requirements, from small and medium-sized to premium cars.

The new Tech Center occupies about 26 "Mu" (1 "Mu" is equal to 667 square meters approximately), and currently we have completed about 10,000 square meters of construction space. The entire site is made up of three main buildings and other accessory facilities for engineering offices, product test laboratories, vehicle work garages, and facility equipment. The front office building is a stand alone four-floor building with a total area of about 3900 square meters and the other two lab test buildings are respectively for brake system and powertrain system tests. According to the plan, about 200 engineers will work at this location by 2011.

Thre are two floors in our brake systems test building, with a total lab space of about 4000 square meters. Equipped with state-of-the art equipment, we will be able to conduct the full range of brake system tests from conventional hydraulic to most advanced electronic brake systems.

As planned, there are two floors in the powertrain systems test building, where the entire lab space can take up more than 2000 square meters. It can host the most advanced powertrain system testing capacity, such as dynamic engine test beds and chassis roller benches with environmental test chamber for the stand alone engines as well as for the completed powertrain test in full vehicles. 

Mr. Dietmar Siemssen, President Chassis & Safety Asiaand Member of the Chassis & Safety Management Board of Continental AG commented, “Maximum driving safety is our core business and our aim is to ensure that in the future there are no more traffic fatalities or severe injuries. Vision Zero represents a new dimension in driving safety. This new Tech Center is the R&D application base for ABS and ESC systems for the emerging markets in Asia. Equipped with ABS and ESC, driving becomes significantly safer and Continental is striving to bring safety for everyone and make people aware of the importance of these safety technologies in Asia and China.”

Mr. Jay Kunkel, President Asia and Member of the Automotive Management Board of   Continental AG, outlined the new investment,“It’s one more milestone of the growth of Continental in China with the aim to reinforce our leading role in Asia as Continental intends to make 25% of our total sales in this region by 2013. The market in China holds great potential and the new investment demonstrates our strong commitment to increase our presence and business in China. Moreover, in the next decade the automotive industry will focus on so-called “affordable" cars. Accordingly, we are intensifying our R&D localization strategy to develop tailor-made products for the Asian market with focus on “affordable cars”, while providing more efficient support to local customers.” 


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Press Image of the new Automotive Tech Center in Jiading


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