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Just Drive And Enjoy Safety

Sep 8, 2008

Continental, the international automotive supplier, presents driving safety as a topic for journalists writing both for women readers and the general public – the aim is to inform drivers and consumers about safety technologies which are a must for all vehicle categories.

Berlin/Frankfurt am Main. At ADAC's Driving Safety Center in Linthe near Berlin, Germany, Continental, the international automotive supplier, has unveiled the latest developments in the fields of driving safety and intelligent automotive engineering to the international media aimed both at women and the general public as well as the daily and weekly press under the motto "Just Drive and Enjoy Safety". The aim of the test drive event organized by the Chassis and Safety Division is for the company to draw specific attention to the potential and importance of the latest vehicle safety technologies and to provide information which can be passed on to consumers.

As well as providing information about the various safety elements, the two messages which Continental is particularly keen to get across are:

  • Safety technologies such as ESC or Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection cameras do not just help to avoid accidents and save lives. They also make driving a more manageable activity, with less stress and greater assurance. If safety is built into the vehicle, driving can also be a pleasure.
  • Safety technologies are a must in all vehicle categories. Vehicle occupant protection in today's traffic, reliable braking and innovative warning systems plus traffic jam avoidance are just as indispensable for small and mid-range cars as they are for premium vehicles.

The press releases on the five topic areas can be downloaded here:

Electronic safety applications make sure that you don't end up off the road

The eyes in the camera and the radar take the strain off the driver when driving at night or in stop and go traffic

Braking earlier and more rapidly prevents expensive rear-end collisions

When the car can look round corners and automatically summon aid

Drive in comfort and safety on tarmac, gravel or over slippery terrain