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“Focus on Driving Safety”

Apr 21, 2009

“Focus on Driving Safety” – A Media Roundtable in Frankfurt / Main, Germany

Under the slogan "Focus on Driving Safety", the Chassis & Safety Division of Continenal AG has presented its latest technologies, market opportunities and scalability of safer mobility to the German trade press on April 21. With the aim of creating more awareness of the importance of modern safety technologies for all vehicle classes and of discussing the possibilities available through existing scalable and modular systems, Continental met with leading German trade media to show and discuss the importance of offering safe driving technologies to a broad spectrum of car drivers.

“Safety for Everyone” for Continental means that these technologies are made available to all vehicles and all markets. In a time of economic nervousness, the demand for small and compact cars rises. Continental therefore sees this as an ideal moment to drive the marketing of safety systems in smaller vehicle classes. Informing end users about the options on the market is key to their successful application.

ContiGuard® represents the future of efficiently integrated driving safety systems:

  1.  ContiGuard® is the next level of driving safety technology, as it integrates active and passive safety systems, enhanced by surrounding sensors and their coordinated interaction. With ContiGuard®, customers can achieve a signifcant reduction of accidents and number of fatalities on the road to vision Zero.

  2. The current vehicle architecture has clearly reached its limits. The Chassis and Safety Controller can relieve the pressure on the vehicle data architecture and can coordinate the safety technologies by bundling and analyzing all the data. And it can be easily adjusted to different model sizes and adapted to suit the manufacturer's requirements.

  3. The intelligent AFFP® accelerator pedal launched by the international automotive supplier Continental is a new technology that does more than just helping to prevent accidents. At a press conference in Frankfurt, Continental presented the results of several studies which show the system's excellent potential for making fuel savings of between 5 and 10 percent.

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