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No blind spot: Continental ProViu ASL360 360-degree camera system for retrofitting

Oct 10, 2013

  • Greater safety and comfort thanks to innovative surround-view surveillance system for the retrofit market
  • Bird’s-eye 2D view for buses, trucks, construction vehicles and special-purpose vehicles
  • High-resolution images in real time provided by several microcameras with fisheye lenses

Villingen-Schwenningen, October 10, 2013. With its unique surround-view monitoring function, Continental ProViu 360 provides for appreciably more safety and comfort in the OEM business for commercial vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. ProViu 360 sees everything and shows every inch of the vehicle’s surroundings – clear and detailed and in real time. With ProViu ASL360 a comparable camera system has now reached the automotive aftermarket – as a retrofit product for buses, trucks, construction vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. At Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium, from 18 to 23 October 2013, Continental (Hall 3, Stand 312), a leading supplier of driver assistance systems, is presenting this high-performing innovation.

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Especially in public transit operations, the blind spot can become a life-threatening problem. And the bigger the vehicle, the bigger this hidden area is going to be. In the case of buses, the blind spot can “swallow up” pedestrians, cyclists or even entire cars. ProViu ASL360 is the solution to this problem, but up until now Continental has produced it solely for OEM use. “A city bus normally has a service life of well over a decade. So the monitoring system is not only important for the OEM,” explains Dr. Michael Ruf, head of the Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket Business Unit at Continental. If a bus recently was purchased without an all-around surveillance system, until now it was impossible to retrofit such a system. “Safety should always come first – for this reason, Continental now has a retrofittable ProViu variant in its product range. With ProViu ASL360 we now offer a product which optimally transfers all the advantages of original equipment to the aftermarket,” says Ruf.

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Instead of single cameras which monitor only the area around the doors and the back of the bus, ProViu ASL360 can integrate all these individual functions in one bird’s-eye view image.

This makes the 360-degree camera an indispensable safety feature for school buses and buses used for local public transport. The surround view surveillance function enables the bus driver to recognize immediately whether children, other persons or cyclists are in a potentially dangerous situation. This is made possible by several microcameras with fisheye lenses, mounted on the sides, the rear end and the front end of the vehicle. An electronic control unit then merges these four digital, high-resolution camera images – automatically optimized for contrast and brightness. On a display in the cockpit these partial images are joined into a whole, showing the driver his vehicle and its immediate surroundings from a bird’s-eye view and helping him keep track of what’s going on outside his vehicle.

These properties make ProViuASL360 an elementary component also for the operation of trucks, construction vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. Since wall projections, corners of buildings and other vehicles are made visible, the system also considerably speeds up maneuvering operations. The risk of accidents is reduced, which means shorter idle time or downtime, lower costs for damage and repair, as well as reduced risks for the parked vehicle and its cargo. ProViu ASL360 also greatly facilitates vehicle operation in critical situations, in dense city traffic, at narrow loading ramps, in cluttered factory yards, and at bustling building sites. Retrofitting of individual vehicles or whole fleets can be performed at workshops equipped for this purpose.