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As a specialist, can we still be a pacesetter for diverse industries?

2,000 formulations ...                                               
Customer-specific solutions are our specialty – our rubber experts have more than 2,000 unique and strictly guarded rubber formulations for diverse applications ranging from conveyor belts to air springs.   

As specialists in high-quality, high-tech products made from rubber and plastics, we are able to make use of our innovations in various areas. For example, they help achieve lower fuel consumption, increase ride comfort in rail vehicles, and reduce noise in machinery and equipment. Our conveyor belts allow raw materials to be transported in an environmentallyfriendly and energy-efficient manner.

The maxim of the ContiTech division, “Engineering Green Value”, stands for our special commitment and our technological expertise in the development of our products. Sustainable mobility, environmental and climate protection, and sustainable economic activity are the driving forces behind this.


What does “Engineering Green Value” mean exactly?

Engineering Green Value means sustainability on all levels: We are creating far-sighted solutions, taking account of economic, ecological, and social aspects.

We use renewable raw materials, replace chemical components with natural ones where possible, reduce the consumption of energy in our plants, release fewer substances into the environment, and continually reduce our volume of waste – almost always for products that help to protect the environment. At our 40 research and development sites around the world, more than 1,000 scientists are working on application-oriented research projects.

Some examples:
At ContiTech, even highly resilient engine mounts and structural components are being increasingly manufactured with polyamide rather than metal. This saves up to 50 percent in terms of weight and thus reduces fuel consumption.

With Conti Lightweight Technology, we are able to make weight savings of as much as 30 percent on conveyor belts. For our customers, this means less power is needed to drive the conveyor system and therefore a reduction in cost.

Ultramodern interior materials for seat covers and door trims are particularly gentle on the skin and low in emissions. They can contain up to 50 percent renewable raw materials and have a 15 percent improved carbon footprint.

Our air spring systems are used around the world in express trains, subway trains, railroad trains, buses, and trucks to ensure maximum safety and comfort, regardless of whether they are operating in tropical heat or the Siberian winter.

Innovative drive belts generate less friction and are more durable. Our heavy-duty V-ribbed belts are used in fuel-saving and CO2-reducing start-stop systems.

Special hose lines are helping to provide more environmentally friendly air-conditioning systems and more effective exhaust gas treatment systems in increasing numbers of cars.

8 business units
Air Spring Systems, air suspension systems for buses, trucks, and rail vehicles, air actuators for industrial pneumatic systems, air isolators, and compensators
Benecke-Kaliko Group, soft trim materials and leatherette products for vehicle interiors
Compounding Technology, customized rubber compounds for high-quality elastomer products, functional parts, components and systems
Conveyor Belt Group, steel cable/textile conveyor belts, special-purpose conveyor belts, conveyor belt accessories, service materials
Elastomer Coatings, coated fabrics, printing blankets, diaphragms and diaphragm materials, gas holder diaphragms, flexible containers, collapsible fuel tanks, concertina wall materials
Fluid Technology, hoses, hose lines and hose assemblies for the automotive industry, other industrial applications, and the oil and marine industry
Power Transmission Group, V-belts, V-ribbed belts, timing belts, flat belts, belt drive systems
Vibration Control, rubber-to-metal bonded products, hydromounts, bearing systems, precision-molded parts, blow-molded parts, plastic parts