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Cyber Security Challenge

Immerse yourself in the world of IT security. Join up with clever comrades-in-arms to search for errors in software components, as well as to keep your own system running. Defend your system and exploit the weaknesses found in the services operated by other teams. Show your skills in a contest with experts in the know. What are you waiting for? 

Date: Thursday, Sep. 27, 2018 (5 p.m.) to Saturday, Sep. 29, 2018 (4:30 p.m.)

Location: marinaforum Regensburg

Team: 18 people (three teams of six participants each)

Continental will give you €100 toward your travel expenses and will cover food, drink and accommodation. After the event, just send us your travel receipts and we’ll reimburse you. All you need to do is make your own travel arrangements.

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The Challenge in Detail

The Challenge

IT Security is a key corporate success factor in virtually all industries, particularly in times of increasing digitalization. Show us that your talents make you the best in your discipline.

This challenge involves having team members maintain the security of a control unit, while simultaneously making sure that the basic functionality of the services running on it are guaranteed. Any security flaws found should be used to infiltrate the control units operated by other teams, and to extract secrets (flags). 

The Makers

Are you interested in the topics of IT security, embedded systems and car hacking? Do you gain a lot of pleasure from programming and developing software? Do the terms network protocols, network security, reverse engineering and software exploitation sound familiar to you? Then you’re in exactly the right place! And even if not all of the terms “click” for you right away, we’ll make sure that the teams are put together in a way that ensures the required knowledge is available – and that you can learn from the others.

The Equipment

Outstanding results demand the best working materials! We will provide you with all the technical resources.

  • One control unit per team, which will be comprised of two Raspberry Pi B3+ computers that run Linux.
  • At least one of these computers is connected to the other control units by CAN, while the other computer will use Ethernet to connect to the other participants by means of a switch.
  • A games server (the game backend) is used to display a points list, to examine the availability of services, to distribute new flags to the teams once every round, and to take receipt of the flags submitted by the teams.

The Winners

The winner takes it all! The team which used the availability of its services and the extraction of as many flags as possible to collect the most points will win the contest.

Each participant of the winning team will receive an Amazon coupon worth € 200.